Cologne is just another of those magnificent ancient German cities that have managed to retain its history for future generations to appreciate. Cologne, which was founded by the Romans, was an important religious center and pilgrimage site for centuries.

The greatest locations to visit in Cologne these days are in and around the Old Town, which is home to 12 classic old churches, including the famed Cologne Cathedral. Expect to spend several hours touring this majestic structure and the surrounding historic merchant mansions, many of which are now buzzing with modern trade, such as art galleries, boutique shops, and cafés.

Cologne’s reputation as a center of trade and commerce has never waned, with visitors drawn to its shopping areas and traditional marketplaces to buy locally produced goods ranging from fashion and fragrances to food (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried some original Cologne-made chocolate, which is available in many locations throughout the Old Town). Exploring Cologne’s old Roman ruins, gorgeous Baroque palaces, and innumerable museums and art galleries are also great things to do.

The city is also a renowned tourist destination in Germany due to its location on the Rhine River, which runs through it. The riverfront is not only a great place to walk about, but it is also a significant embarkation point for Rhine river cruises that can run anything from a few hours to a few days.

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